10 Simple Things to Make Money Online Blogging

The blog is a great tool to make money online because they get ranking more quickly from websites and allows you to benefit from free targeted traffic quickly. Here are 10 simple things you need to know to make money online using Blog:

Make Money Online Blogging

  1. Find a profitable Niche – making sure that people who are interested in purchasing a product or service you wish to promote and there is money to be made.
  1. Optimize your Domain and your title tags-find popular keywords that correspond to the product or service and check the volume and competition keyword. Select the Keyword Long Tail (3-5 words) that you can dominate quickly and have a good traffic for Your Domain name. Use them in your title tag to increase your ranking.
  1. Individual Ranking Page-consider having a page review and bonus page on your blog. Fully optimize this page can give you some point top rankings and increase your free search traffic.
  1. Internal links-use keyword links deep from one post to another post, product information or sales page in your blog. These simple strategies will help your rankings and t ridicule can lead consumers to related products to buy.
  1. External links-blog has a link more freely to each other from the standard site. Having one-way links from other highly ranked websites rated by search engines and will not only increase your ranking, but also gives you access to free traffic.
  1. RSS-have your URL in the RSS feed will increase the traffic to your site, like other sites that access the content you have access to your link embedded.
  1. Content is King – updating your blog with valuable content will encourage visitors and possibly to turn your blog into an authority site.
  1. Bookmarking and bookmark Ping-ping your blog and get a blog and new content indexed faster. Find many free social bookmarking sites and ping.
  1. List building-now you have a ton of free traffic to your blog; you should catch those visitors and build your list. You can offer a free product, training or services to get them to opt-in.
  1. Build a relationship with your list-no one likes to ‘ for sale ‘. Offers valuable information to your list to build trust and when the time comes they’ll Act on your recommendations. If you promote a relevant and useful instrument they tend to buy what you recommend.


Internet Marketing is a highly competitive arena and to succeed you need access to relevant information and training.


10 Simple Things to Make Money Online Blogging


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