22 Simple Things to Make You Happy

Happiness is not also come from a complicated, expensive or fuss. Simple things are often far more effective. Think of a gift from a child or a loved one who’s only interest is pressed from the streets that divided together or compilation special songs or songs. Many people will prefer that to expensive quick gifts bought at the last minute. Here are some of my thoughts from the simple things that can make you happy-adding your own pleasure.

Simple Things to Make You Happy

1. Clean sheets on the bed, always a winner. Add a few drops of lavender with the final rinse cycle.

2. Close the curtains turn off the lights and listen to wonderful music in the dark.

3. Take a bubble bath. Candle light, warm towels and let yourself half an hour of ‘ me ‘ time.

4. Cook food for the family, put a table and enjoy being together, sharing some catch-up time.

5. Watch the storm from the safety of your home. Marvel at the power of nature.

6. Sit and have lunch. Give yourself quiet time.

7. Buy a bunch of flowers for yourself and put them somewhere unexpected, like the bathroom so that they are there for you when you take your morning shower.

8. Get out the old photo albums and reminisce. Enjoy laughing and crying at the pictures and the memories they evoke.

9. Adopt the bear of the month. Capable of giving to charity is a privilege and if you adopt a child or animal you may be receiving regular updates on their progress.

10. Wake up early and go for a walk while the air is still fresh and not many people about.

11. Take your old bread and go and feed the ducks in the Park.

12. Phone friends and allows time for a chat.

13. Buy a good quality chocolate bar and enjoying every mouthful.

14. Friday afternoon, 4:30. Think next weekend. Make sure there is something planned for you there.

15. Go to the beach. Take a walk on the sand and collect some shells. Practice skimming a pebble in the ocean.

16. Let the afternoon to catch up on old movies you’ve wanted to watch.

17. Plan a special night with your spouse or friends. Phone and book a date. Dress up and make a special time.

18. Pass on happiness. Take a moment to give a compliment, say ‘ please ‘ and ‘ thank you ‘. Make the other person feel good.

19. Go to bed early and read a book. Have time for yourself.

20. Invite a friend round for coffee. All you need is a jar of instant coffee and custard cream Pack and you have a nice morning with friends which are scheduled in.

21. May borrow a friend’s dog and go for a walk.

22. Marvel at the beautiful baby, the smell of their hair, their fingers and toes, and a smile.

Hope some of these ideas have made you think of simple ways that you can add value to your day. Enjoy!

22 Simple Things to Make You Happy


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