4 Simple Things You Should Be Doing With Your Baby

I left a career as a corporate executive to focus on pregnancy and raising my children. With the dramatic lifestyle changes, I made a conscious decision to raise my daughter with innovation. Kids today have too many toys and gadgets that they don’t use or appreciate. What they want and need is their parents ‘ time, attention and help nurture their natural curiosity. I never considered document daily activities I do with my daughter until I started hearing the same comments over and over again from people who met my daughter for the first time:

Simple Things You Should Be Doing With Your Baby

“He was so aware”

“Wow. She really looks you in the eye. ”

“He followed all that I do.”

I focus on simple activities that are very practical with my daughter every day. There are many simple things that parents can do with their babies that will provide significant benefits and requires little else but times. Take a look at your baby’s eyes. Many. This sounds simple, but we don’t do it as much as we think. It is very easy to put your child in a swing or, in front of the video, when you try to accomplish something. It doesn’t really take a lot of time to see your baby directly in the eye and talk to him.

Talk to your baby in the language and you him. My mom actually encouraged me to speak to my child in “their language”. I have read in books of baby development saw it as a compliment and strengthening their value when you take their voices with the same voice. I tried it and it’s been quite fun and rewarding for both my daughter and I. She started screaming and raving phase so that I try to answer the cries and babbling sounds for sound. She loves it, smile, and generally my answer back. We did this several times a day and it made us both happy and smiling. I also talked to him all day long in the language of “I”.

Show him how you do things. Start first thing in the morning, I spoke with my daughter ask questions and explain what is going on. I tell him that we will replace the Pampers and then I will get dressed and made the bed while he plays in his bed. I showed him my pillow before I put them in bed. One of our favorite times today when I wash my face and put on makeup. My daughter has gotten accustomed to “help” me and sit and smile gleefully when we go through the process together. I take the cleanser and tell him what it is.

I bent over and pointed out the bottle and she smiled. He saw my face wash. I explain the face cream I use and show the bottle. I squeeze a little bit of cream into my hands while he watches. I showed him every type of make up and tell me what I use it for. I tell him the color tube of mascara “orange”. I did the same thing while preparing breakfast. This is a time of fun and wonderful for us every day. I am always amazed at how attentive she is and how much excited he got when I showed him what was going on.

Let him do what you do. When I am cooking or baking, I try to have my daughter in the kitchen. I believe this has a lot of short term and long term benefits. Long term, I hope he develops a love for cooking and the feeling of happiness associated with being in the kitchen. Short-term, we spent time together and she learns about food and how things work in the kitchen. This holiday, I made some holiday cakes and sweets. My daughter is 5 months old in his swing or stroller with me. I showed him the sugar and flour and explained as we measured them. I give the plastic measuring cup to hold while I use the metal. To my surprise, he was very interested in the whole process and don’t get fussy for some time (usually almost long enough to mix and cook a batch of cookies). Another example is eating breakfast reading newspaper.

Every morning, we sat together and breakfast. My daughter is helping me fix some breakfast and then sitting on a swing while I eat and read the newspaper. I talk to him and explain the story or advertisement. He played with some toys. After I finished, we “fix” cereals together. She loves watching the hot water in the microwave. She screams of excited when I opened the door and he saw the bowl. He looked in amazement as I mashed up banana. When he finished eating, I put him on my lap and let it “reading” newspaper. He gleefully grabbing part, creased it, waves it, rips it and screams of delight. I would not trade this morning for anything.

Simple things take a little extra time every day but will pay benefits when you start to see baby respond to you. The list of activities you can do with your children is limited only by your imagination and the majority of these activities require little or no financial investment. Most importantly, have fun! Use your imagination and share some of the innovative time with your baby today.


4 Simple Things You Should Be Doing With Your Baby


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