Appreciating Simple Things In Life to Makes Lives More Meaningful

Do you feel the need to collect your thoughts and do some real soul searching to see what makes you happy? We will all benefit if we evaluate our lives from time to time and stay true to who we are and we made up a list of things that bring a smile to our face and a feeling of joy that we try to hold on to every day. If we make it a priority and we do so with sincerity and to our own personal fulfillment we will find our lives more fulfilling. We all have a list of things that make us happy but not formal and for most of us it is in our mind where it is stored in our subconscious.

Simple Things In Life

I believe that if we ask each other to consist a list like that we’ll see much in common and we will also look at the simplicity. Simplicity is good because we don’t always need fancy things to make us happy. Materialistic things certainly do find ways in bringing us the comfort and happiness but finally we will find that it is temporary and we then have to buy that next big thing to bring us joy once again. We realize that the simple things more meaningful and durable because they are intangible, they are priceless and they keep us balanced and focused.

From time to time I have been working on my list but am not written anywhere. This in my mind so that I feel this is a good exercise because it will allow me the opportunity to share in a written format for me to refer back to at any time and also to share with my family and the people who are part of a special in my life. I don’t know how you feel about it but for me I find writing a challenge and the resurrection that helps me reflect and bring out a part of myself that I very rarely share with others. I found when I wrote I can reveal things that I can’t do in conversation and I felt more comfortable and I was able to take it out and express them in words that seem to come as I sat staring at the keyboard to the computer screen. I can’t imagine myself in this way open but since I live with a lifelong sense of shame and deal with family tragedy I find this really is a great way to draw strength and find healing.

So if you were to really think long and hard about all the things that make you happy how would you start your list and how you will decide the order of things? I believe free association is probably the best way to get started and write down all the things that come to mind will allow you to formulate a list that comes to life and develops a picture of you and your inner most thoughts are expressing your internal happiness. We all need to tap into a part of ourselves given all the stress and sadness we feel and are facing in our lives are hectic and ever changing. I also feel that the more we reflect and understand ourselves and who we are growing our relationships with others will improve considerably and we will find that we are better able to live healthy and happy.

For me, I must say that the ability to remember something is one thing I would never want to lose. Memory is very important and enables us to remember all the special people in our lives, especially our parents. This takes us back in time to a happier place and allows us to smile and appreciate our lives. I always enjoy remembering part of my childhood and bonds along with my parents that really taught me a lot and helped me to be good and caring individuals who find joy in the simple things and not get caught up in material things. Of course it is nice to have fancy things but when you really break it down you realize that we come into the world with nothing and we will leave the world with nothing. When I say anything, I mean material things. I don’t really mean anything because we come into the world with something and that something is very special because it is the most important in our development and it is the love and nurture our parents give us that help us each and every day. We all need to feel loved and love of parent and child is the most special gifts we can have.

I also know that when I saw my life Flash in front of my eyes, I would like to imagine all the family and friends who touched my life and helped me to appreciate my life. I want to hold on to them in my mind as I slip away from what I am used to in life must now accept the fact moved to the other side when the time I that will hopefully be peaceful and free from pain. I often wonder if those we love who have gone can see into our lives and help guide us in some way and share the excitement and our achievements and feel frustrated and our pain. I have always believed that we are not alone in our life and are protected by the love of those we love who have left us.

I’ll never forget the story my father shared with me about the experience near death at a construction site where he was inches away from the destroyed deliberately by the operator of the crane lowered the boom is not aware of its position. In an instant as he saw his life Flash before his eyes he felt peaceful and felt a soft touch of hands slowly pushing him away because he heard the sound of soothing and softly cried out “this is not your time yet!” and then he woke up in a hospital where his life was saved by the doctor. He has crushed ribs and a broken back but he survived the ordeal and realize the peaceful presence of God which make him grateful and happy because this gives him hope and joy in her life and the courage to go because he has a young family depending on him.

A memory of my childhood was when my mother walked me to school on my first day and left me at the door where I don’t want him to go. As he kissed me he assured me he would pick me up again but I cried and begged him not to go. I still remember today as if it were yesterday. He’s my pick up and I succeeded but I still think back to that moment when I realized that the separation of those we love is inevitable.

Two very special days in my life, I will never forget our wedding day and the day my wife gave birth. I was on cloud nine. She experienced pain and joy and I was there for the ride and what a wonderful trip it was. It all started when I heard these words spoken to me of my wife are nine months earlier because he says it with a desire and joy “I’m pregnant!” I am more joyed itself and now realize how special it was to know the baby was on the way. If I could preserve the special moments in time and considering that I have to say that this is one of those special moments. When our son was born I am very happy and very proud. My father and my wife are really beautiful in the devotion and passion for being a mom. I am very happy for him because he took so much during pregnancy, but when he holds our son for the first time all the pain is gone and all she felt was pure joy.

Babies have a way of touching our lives and they help give us a sense of hope and joy a great sunny day we, weeks, months and years ahead with beautiful moments and precious memories. I am a proud father and I live for my kids. He really makes me happy and I want to make his life fun and filled with love, hope, joy, happiness and promise. I’m glad his father and certainly will welcome another little one in our life if it was meant to be to provide our children with a sibling and us another opportunity to raise valuable as our precious little Matty

One thing that always worried when you bring a child into the world though is that they will have a promising future and be given the opportunity and feel safe and secure. Considering the times we live in today is really makes you wonder if it is wise to bring a child into a world that has so many uncertainties where we worry about our own survival. I don’t remember a feeling of uncertainty as we face today. It is very sad to see this happen and very scary prospect that we witnessed a total collapse of the economy in this country only a few days away. What does it mean for our county? What will it mean our economy? What would it mean to our family? What would the meaning of our life as we know it? If I can understand it all I would still do not understand how this could happen and it could be like a desperate situation. This certainly is the hard reality of life sometimes we have to face the praying that compromise, unity and sanity will win by leaders of running this country that seems to be too proud to find a resolution together.

At a time like this it is necessary to take a step back, keep away, have faith and be responsible for your own financial security by becoming more proactive. We owe our children a secure future and promising and we must hold our elected officials responsibility as our financial futures based on the decisions that they make and they should be responsible in serving us as a nation and we have to be accountable to whom we vote into Office.

I kind of got side tracked on my list but it is a very real concern of our country’s current predicament with the debt crisis as it affects our nation’s financial security, security of the financial world and our financial security and if we cannot guarantee our own financial security is tied to the situation of our country then we will be a far cry from happiness. Many people suffer today with so many out of work, can feed their families and find they totally disappointed.

Because I think all of this is happening in Washington, I just wanted to go somewhere I am happy and find peace and tell me things will be OK though I pray for positive results. One thing I don’t understand is for a long time our Government has to spend, spend, and spend more, boosting the deficit be trillions of dollars that occurs over years and decades and in one magical weekend that Congress will bring both parties together to find solutions. It’s like trying to find a peaceful solution in the Middle East. It didn’t seem possible. We should really rethink how we become more responsible with our spending not only our lives but in Washington where the heart and pulse of the finances of our country is at stake.

So the following list:

1) Remembering back to my childhood and the pictures of my mother, father and two brothers

2) See mom and Dad looks proud in high school and College graduations

3) My first date with my wife

4) See my brother get married and have children of their own

5) Hear the lovely bride says “I do” on our wedding day and slipping the ring on his finger and kissed him as a priest recognizes us as husband and wife

6) Heard my wife say “I’m pregnant!”

7) Saw the birth of our son and realized I was a new father

8) See my wife took our son for the first time

9) See our baby boy sleeping soundly in the cradle hospital

10) Holding my baby boy in my arms for the first time

11) Call my father to let him know she was Grandpa again!

12) Watch our baby boy sleeping soundly in his bed at home

13) Sleep peacefully at night beside my wife and our baby boy

14) Heard us say her first words, telling mommy and daddy

15) See our crawl and then walk

16) See our healthy eating

17) See our children attended the first day of preschool

18) See our child grows and matures

19) See our son enjoyed himself and develop friendships

20) Quality time spending with wife and son

21) Celebrate Christmas together today and see my children open gifts and get all excited with the gifts he received from Santa

22) Think back to Christmas of the past when I was little and celebrate with my family and visit our grand parents

23) Saw me smile when we spend time together going to baseball games, movies, a park, a swimming pool and a road trip

24) Family vacation

25 winter snow storm)

26) Skiing

27) Nah Play

28) Reading a good book

29) Telling my wife how beautiful she

30) Tell My son how much I love him

31) Realized I only scratched the surface and has a lot more to be happy to

32) Work and do your best and feeling accepted and respected

33) Driving a new car

34) Considering parents

35) Has a home

36) To hear the birds chirping in the morning

37) See the rising sun

38) See the sunset

39) Walking along the beach with his wife and children on a cold winter day

40) Swimming at the beach on a warm summer day with my wife and children

41) Spending time with family and friends

42) Saw my wife’s mom and dad smiles and including them in our holiday travel

43) Attended a rock concert

44) Listening to classical music

45) Take a walk fun

46) Raise money for a good cause

47) Went to church and be close to God

48) Buying nice clothes

49) purchased the wife and child nice clothes

50) Donated to charity

51) Eating popcorn and candy with my son at the movies

I have so much more to add and feel this is or will continue to evolve and I could go on and on. The important thing is that we should all strive to be happy and to me the things that made me happy were the simple things that have so much meaning. I will say that I have really been living the life of a beautiful when all is said and done. Thank you, father and Mother, wife and children, Maria and Matthew, my sister Kathy and Joan, all my family, my friends, all my teacher and God. This has been an incredible journey.

All the pressure in our lives really get to us and when you evaluate your life, you will realize and see that the most important thing is a pleasure simple life like the greeting type or a friendly phone call from a friend or print a high grade on the exam. One million dollars will allow us financial security but then we lose the place of simple pleasures of life choose to property that does not really make us happy. Just fill a void in our lives. Our lives are better enjoyed when we experience the simple beauty of life and nature. Even a simple smile from a girl that we like can make us appreciate the moment and make us feel good for the day. That is really what is most important in life.

After all we come into this world with the love of our parents and hopefully leave with a love of our family. We do not carry luxury cars or wide screen TV with us. We bring memories of the life we live and the people we touch. That’s what is most important and the quality of life and to spend more time with our children is much more important than working overtime at the Office. When we are on our death beds we won’t think about the job but we will think of our family and we would expect that our time together is more important than anything else, including jobs. I do not believe anyone will wish they had spent more time at the Office. They want to know they are actually making a connection with their children and help them to love and respect themselves and confident. That’s the true meaning of life.


Appreciating Simple Things In Life to Makes Lives More Meaningful


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