Simple Things in Life to Being Happy

Stay in the same place, going through the same movement day after day often makes us numb to our environment. Sometimes steps do require geographically rocked us or health or change our relationship. Most, it requires us to pay attention to and clear about our intention; mean that we want to enjoy the simple things in life that give us the most pleasure. In moving to another culture, we become amazed at the joy we get from the simple things in life. To name a few, we’re worth it.

Simple Things in Life

  • Bring colorful straw baskets everywhere.
  • Eat good tasting fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Our daughter goes to school-comparison is in the car all the time.
  • Be successfully understood when conversing in a language of France.
  • Cook a delicious meal made from seasonal food.
  • Sticking our heads out the window to smell fresh air and try to catch the bird kite speeding.
  • Choose lavender in our streets or fresh figs from gardens nearby.
  • Sitting in an outdoor Cafe ‘.
  • Shop at the farmers market for seasonal food with great prices.
  • Reading together on the couch every night.
  • Driving through the round-a-bouts against stopping at red lights.
  • Driven out of our comfort zone all the time (we’re a fan of trying new things).
  • Drinking big, local French wine.
  • Talk to old friends and family back on California.
  • Meet new friends.


Some tips that help to be able to enjoy the simple things of life offers:

  • Get rid of clutter in your life, in your home, and in your mind.


Where there is chaos there is no room to see what’s in front of you and feel deeper aspects of life. Start by taking the time to clean up a mess physically around you-whatever it is that you have not used in one year is blocking your vision from enjoying what you have to.

  • Surround yourself with people who support (and be aware of negative people and energy).


You are not able to appreciate the simple things around you when overcast with negative energy.

  • Focus on what you do and who you are with.


The disorder deters you from seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling and simple joys in life. The more you can be present at the time, the more you can enjoy the treasures of time.

  • Make a list of all of the simple things you enjoy and make sure you enjoy at least one of their daily and more downloads.


By making a simple list of things that you enjoy, you start to focus on making sure they are in your life. Whether it is cooking a special meal, plant a garden, walk-in-hand with your child, or read a good book, States the intention that you want in your life. What we see we make time to and create.

  • Take yourself out of your comfort zone and experience the simple pleasures of life.


Travel is one of the easiest ways to take you out of your comfort zone and experience so many simple pleasures. Closer to home, meander to the trail hiking recently you’ve never been or try tuning to radio station recently. Try something new and different, such as inviting some more unknown neighbor for a glass of wine or a cup of tea, and shocked about the smile that brings to you and others.

Simple Things in Life to Being Happy


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