Simple Things to Finding God

The symbol of the Lord makes us believe that to find its presence we should be searching high and low and outside to observe her works. Unfortunately this is the search for God through earthly wisdom and not spiritual. The basis of understanding the miracles of God begins in our daily existence. There is a process of development before maturity in our world. What this means is that a child of five did not immediately learn driving. We started riding a bicycle and finally when we are older and have a better understanding of the matters that we move to the car. The assumption here is that we are mature enough to handle this responsibility. The same thing applies to the spiritual world. God is not able to show us the power of his miracles unless we have learned to look at him in the most simple of things. Here are some ways by which we can do this.

Simple Things to Finding God

The joy of giving

It is assumed that we have to give kindness and abundance. In other words if we have more than anyone else so we had to share. There is another side to give, out of poverty. This gives when we don’t have enough for ourselves or when it puts us in an uncomfortable place. This small act of truth goes a long way in observing the power of God. The feeling that comes with giving especially when we don’t have cannot be measured. This is the personal spiritual enhancement just giver actually experience. With this simple way we can feel the presence of God through his blessings upon our actions.


This may seem to be a hard thing to do but make a conscious decision to forgive and forget out of our hearts we offer peace and greater understanding of the power of God. God will not put us in a place of emptiness is also not make us poor before God. Walk away from situations that make us weakened physical actions we recharge your spirit and lifted it. This simple act although it is difficult to execute most of the times is another way to see God in simple things.

Simple truth

There are many things that we take for granted, especially after we have experience in it. We assume that it is a practical program of events and ignore the complexities of why they occur. Some truth is as simple as a child’s first steps; babies are finally growing up and being able to support it. Another example could be the dog that barked excitedly when he saw his master or even the Sun is always there for us to take in nutrients and light. This shows that everything and everyone is there for a purpose and even babies that there is not anything to be loved. If everything and everyone is there for a purpose then someone must have put them there. No one can explain everything except God. If we have faith and confidence to give him credit for it then this is a look at his works in simple things.

Our attributes indicates that cannot be explained

There are certain things we do that don’t make sense logically. A good example of this is love. This may be simple emotions that are generally taken for granted because there has been from the time and are always among the people. But the mystery actually lies in why we love one person more than the other. In the same way it does not hate any and all behavior patterns are described in our other shows. A baby is born innocent and then finally he has feelings of love, hate and even jealousy. This knowledge can be derived from the public but where its origins? How do we know what the first of these emotions? Only by accepting the spiritual world and the truth of the Scriptures of our heavenly father we can understand this knowledge. No amount of scientific tests can fully prove all the attributes that we indicate. See God in this put us in a good position to witness the miracles on a larger scale.

Simple Things to Finding God


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