Simple Things To Recovery From Addiction

People who are no longer dependent on alcohol and drugs to make feel OK is know how important it is to keep our eye on the ball. The consequences are satisfied for people in recovery from addiction does not bear thinking about and we know that staying ahead of the game is important if recurrence should be avoided. I don’t know whether I’m typical, but when I was drinking or using drugs, things that other people who used to get pleasure from seems to be escaping me entirely.

Recovery From Addiction

Obviously, after the development of addiction has reached the point where a person’s entire being is based on the acquisition and consumption of mind-altering substances, it is understandable that there is no longer that important. However, I do not remember any time in my life when ‘ simple things ‘ has had an impact on me whatsoever. Perhaps this is identical to the ‘ addictive personality ‘-I don’t know, I’ll leave that one to the psychologist. This may indicate that we do not all experience the same level of pleasure to the given stimulus and that those with addictive personalities ‘ ‘ is wired to a very low level.

Living life without one or the other chemicals flowing through my veins now allows me to appreciate the things that I either didn’t see it at all, or too busy wrapped up in my own little world to bother with. This ‘ simple things ‘ like chorus of dawn, sunset, a walk in the park or a smile from the baby free but their worth its weight in gold.

One of the benefits of this new-found appreciation of the simple things in life are seems to have therapeutic effects in helping me to get any issues I have at the moment into perspective. There’s something very reassuring in knowing that the Sun will rise, the birds will sing and the weather will change etc.

After having evolved from creatures of the zombie-like the other life goals is to meet the needs of the ‘ Governor ‘ (addiction), I am now free to admire the things that were always there. In fact, living life without the psychological compulsion to obtain (at any cost), a chemical the body I demand only works at a basic level, is nothing short of being born again. Little flowers I know, but for those of you who also have experienced chaos, fear, despair and darkness nightmare of life-it will strike chords.

It’s all too easy for us-the lucky ones-who has broken free of the bondage of addiction to take something for granted. For stuck in the drum drone of a boring routine and forget where we have come from and who we are not just stupid, it’s downright dangerous. So take time in your new life to explore simple things that may have escaped you in your long life. This will not cost you a penny and worth a ransom in return of the King.

Simple Things To Recovery From Addiction



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